Kensley Grace Aquatic Center Property Confirmed

Kensley Grace Foundation secures land for The Kensley Grace Aquatic Center

McDonough, GA – Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 – At it’s 9am board meeting the Henry County Board of Commissioners approved a land lease agreement between Henry County, the Henry County Development Authority and The Kensley Grace Foundation. The 20 acre site will be the home of The Kensley Grace Aquatic Center.

The Kensley Grace Aquatic Center will serve the needs of the youngest to the oldest citizens. Just imagine the lives that will be touched by Competitive Swimming, Aerobics, Life Saving, Drown Proofing and Healing Therapy. The Kensley Grace Aquatic Center will improve the quality of life of Henry County’s population as well as its surrounding neighbors. The revenue impact for the county can be substantial. Competitive swim meets bring hundreds of participants, their families and friends for several days at a time.

The construction of the world-class facility will require approximately $18,000,000.00. The Kensley Grace Foundation will begin it’s capital campaign to raise those funds from the private and corporate sectors. A project of this magnitude requires the dedication and support of individuals, corporations and foundations. Development and construction of the facility will not receive nor rely on any funding from governmental agencies or municipalities.

Citizens of Henry County, this is not just “our story”, it’s your story.

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The Kensley Grace Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to opening a world-class, family-oriented, competitive swimming facility in Henry County Georgia. We received our 501(c)3 status from the Federal Government in November of 2012. We are an approved charity by Georgia’s Secretary of State Professional Licensing Board.

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