Kensley Grace
She was more than amazing and beautiful… she was Kensley Grace. And so it is only fitting that the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center be amazing and beautiful.

Our story began on the afternoon of June 8th, 2011. On this evening, five year old Kensley Grace Kirby was taken to a local medical clinic to treat a broken arm. While being treated, Kensley received a lethal dose of a local anesthesia.
Kensley is the daughter of Kenny and Dee Kirby of Henry County. She was an extremely active child and full of energy and joy for life. She played soccer, loved art, loved her family and friends, and of course… loved swimming. Her older sister Avonlea competes locally and is on the state level in swimming.

After the tragic loss of Kensley, family and friends came together to question and understand such a horrible event. It was on just such night, while sitting at the dinner table that Dee’s brothers told of their intentions. It was John Turpin who so eloquently stated… “The answer is crystal clear… We need do something that is almost bigger than life itself as a lasting tribute to such a wonderful, vibrant child. We should do something that will give every family the opportunity to spend quality time with their children… something that will shine on the world with such a light that it could only be inspired by Kensley Grace Kirby.”

And so the mandate became obvious… we must open and operate an aquatic facility in Henry County. The facility is to serve the needs of the entire population, from the youngest to the oldest citizens. springing from Henry County and flowing into the world…. Just imagine the lives that will be touched by Competitive Swimming, Aerobics, Life Saving, Drown Proofing and Healing Therapy, just for starters. The Kensley Grace Aquatic Center will improve the quality of life of Henry County’s 220,000 population as well as its neighbors.

It’s not just “our story”, it’s your story. The story will continue and we look forward to the day that Kensley’s sister, Avonlea Kirby, swims through a ribbon as we open the pool and dedicate it as the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center.

We are a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization dedicated to opening a world-class, family-oriented, competitive swimming facility in Henry County Georgia. We received our 501 (c) 3 status from the Federal Government in November of 2012. We are an approved charity by Georgia’s Secretary of State Professional Licensing Board. Prior to this date all fund-raising efforts were extremely grass-roots and very successful. The large amount of seed money that we have raised has allowed us to establish a strong non-profit organization and design an amazing facility.  We still have a long way to go.

Please JOIN OUR TEAM of dedicated community volunteers and donors. By joining our team, you’ll stay in touch with all of our efforts to make this vision a reality. You’ll receive quarterly newsletters as well as other important announcements. It is extremely important that we grow our supporters and volunteers. A project of this magnitude requires the dedication and support of thousands of individuals, corporations and foundations.

Browse the website to learn more about us. There is also the opportunity to MAKE A DONATION to this worthy cause.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please JOIN OUR TEAM and inspire others to get involved. See you at the pool!

Kensley Grace Aquatic Center…
Live passionately… love unconditionally… swim fast!

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